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Do not offend the animal if the steering wheel in front of you multiply


Feast of the Sacrifice is coming and millions of citizens within a few days, hundreds of thousands of traffic tool will be released. The world-famous men's magazine Men's Health, American experts, scientists, engineers met and explored what should be done to prevent traffic accidents. Here's an American expert on accident scenarios and what to do:

Üşüyün in the car!

The head airbag: driver's seat, leaning back and sit down and see the rear-view mirror. With your ear and head pads is aligned? If not, correct it. According to the Institute for the Prevention of Accidents Expert Mother McCart'a, and measuring the pillows, neck injuries will protect you. Then they set up will be 10 inches between seat cushions başınızla head.

Steering: Steering, kill you. Accident Specialist of Virginia Tech University, Stefan Duma, according to the drivers than sitting in the front, seat-belt mechanism is working, may hit the steering wheel and injured. Sit in your hand does not fully accessible to the steering wheel. Try to stay away from the steering wheel as much as possible.

Lights: headlights during the day at close. According to a study in Sweden, lights burn during the day, two-lane road head-on crash risk by 5 percent, 12 percent the risk of a pedestrian collision prevention.

Air conditioning: according to a study in Sweden, over time, drivers, and get used to the internal temperature to dangerous complacency. Intervals of 5 to 8 minutes, then reduce the heat before the upgrade, providing increased attention. Vehicle, not hot, cool it. According to experts, cold environments, the brain causing dizziness and dizziness "alpha waves" of prevention.

Mobile phone: According to research done in Canada, use the same phone with one hand holding the phone up to the concentration of kulaklığıyla disturbing. Try not to speak.

1 A time did you start sliding out of the way

Common mistake: try to get going again.

Needs to be done: the exact speed. If you try to get going again, you lose control. Audi Driving Training Center in California, according to Director Paul Gerrad'e, continue to go on the road you go, the exact speed and slowly get going again.

2 tire exploded while on the road

Common mistake: Just pull the brakes.

What we should do: Do ​​not brake. Gently pull your foot from gas, wait for the vehicle to slow down their weight and keep the balance in the meantime. Car of the control that you can understand, you press the brakes slowly.

Suddenly the animal was a 3 way

Frequent mistake: the wheel suddenly hit the spot.

Needs to be done: Acımayın, multiply. The wheel breaks, an oncoming vehicle shock roll or stockade. You hit your car will be damaged. But at least you will on the road. If possible, try to beat the animal hips. Less soul lights up.

4 in front of you car, suddenly stopped

Frequent error: Now do you brake.

What we should do: Stick brakes all your strength. Brake as hard as they think, what people thinks, uses only half the forces. Good standing in the car to brake, I often try to press the brake pedal.

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